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Article 4

Landing in D Company, 40th Signal Battalion, Qui Nhon

Upon our evening appearance I was gotten alongside different substitutions at the Qui Nhon air terminal moved to the organization region. We were shown our impermanent bunks and stowed our stuff. Mike Massey, Bob Carpenter, and I headed toward the EM club to get something to drink. The spot didn’t have anything to eat and obviously the chow corridor was shut. Back to the billets and for some genuinely necessary rest. Obviously we had no mosquito nets.

The next day we in-handled the organization and were allocated long-lasting bunks with our individual companies. We were post line development and the next day I worked the shaft line for a large portion of a day. Prior to returning to work the line evening chow Mike Massey and I were called to the deliberate space to see the tasks sergeant. He offered us link joining school in Long Binh. We had not been in Qui Nhon for 3 days and its has returned to Long Binh for a considerable length of time of in country link grafting school.

Nothing astounding occurred. What I truly do recollect was tømrer  that you must be an E-6 or above to utilize the ice machine in the wreck lobby. As such you could get ice tea for without the ice. This was one of my first signs of the unfortunate authority that I would insight throughout the next few months in this outfit… This ice issue was subsequently remedied with the assistance of the auditor general and a few displeased soldiers. I additionally recall attempting to get a mosquito net. Our unit sergeant advises us to go to the inventory room and obviously the stock room has no nets. We were told to get one off somebody pivoting home. Of my 33 months in Vietnam I never gotten a net from supply. I easily forget getting quite a bit of anything from organization supply. At any rate it’s headed toward Long Binh.