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I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven — Meaning of the original Greek word meaning steadily: I watched Satan fall. . . As they worked, their masters followed their hearts, watched, spoke, every step of their struggle to win. Their victory over the demons was the beginning and the ultimate goal of their ultimate victory over Satan as “king of the demons”. Mention is probably made of a religion that began to conquer the Jews of that time on the fact that Satan fell after his creation. But the main point of our Lord’s words is that he is now freed from usurped dominion over the “high places.” (Ephesians 6:12), symbolizes the spiritual character of the human heart and mind. The image reappears in the proclamation of Revelation 12:9.

Concise Commentary by Matthew Henry
10:17-24 Everything we do to defeat Satan is by the power of Jesus Christ and deserves praise. But beware of spiritual pride which destroys many things. Our Lord rejoices in the hope of the salvation of many souls. Particular attention should be paid to a moment of rejoicing. He was a sad person, so there are very few people like that. Read more about Luke 10 18 meaning

He rejoiced when he saw Satan fall and heard how good his leaders were. He opposes the proud and rejoices with the humble. If we rely on the teachings, service, and blessings of the Son of God, we will know the Father and the Son. We will be more blessed when we see the glory and hear the words of our Savior. And we will be more rewarding for his work.
Barnes Notes on the Bible
I see Satan… – “Satan” here is clearly the demon king who was expelled from the Quorum of the Seventy. Because the doctrine speaks of their power over demons. “Red” is an image of “fast” or “quick”. I have seen Satan fall “quickly” or like lightning. The word “from the sky” must refer to lightning, and does not mean that he saw “Satan” fall “from the sky”, but that he “released the lightning” from the sky or the clouds. Then the whole message would be, “I saw the demons come out as soon as the lightning flashed at your command. I gave you this authority – I saw – now I’m stepping on the serpent too. This power.”
Jamieson-Fauset-Brown Bible Commentary
18. I have a lot of power of good advice according to the good nuance of good points, it should work on the translation. “I found the devil depositing the lightning of the sky.”; In other words, “I go with you as your responsibility, and you have treated the best that opened my name!” This will be noted by the law of organizations that are attached to the most. Energy is low as stuck virtually before the event filled with the design. Lakened She quickly on lightning! REMARK. – The word “Satan” is not used for spiritual workers working in bad memberships. Therefore, 70 says, “Satan”, “is something that Satan dreams for the Bad Kingdom (Joh1) is examined (Joh1).
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