How Sugaring Hair Junking Method Works- Fully Natural System For Hair Junking

Sugaring is a fully natural system for hair junking. Sugaring is veritably analogous to waxing, but in sugaring rather of wax, a result composed of sugar, water and bomb juice is used after warming it up. After warming the paste, it’s spread thinly over the skin, mimicking the hair growth direction. Also by using a cloth the paste is pulled off in the contrary direction of hair growth. Sugar wax is a veritably profitable system as it’s veritably affordable and can be done at home. Also unlike the wax, the sugar tends to stick to the hairs only, not the skin. It’s veritably lower painful compared to waxing.


Sugaring is an ancient system used for removing the unwanted hairs. Sugaring is gaining fashionability now because the results are analogous to waxing. Still, there are some differences between the sugaring and waxing like the sugar is only slightly warmed ( noway reaching the same high temperature as wax). So it causes veritably lower skin vexation. The sugar sticks only to the hairs, not to the skin. So it causes veritably lower discomfort. The applying process is the same as of waxing. Sugaring involves applying warm sugar to the skin and also removed with the strips.

Sugaring Paste Form-

It requires 2 mugs of sugar,1/4 mug bomb or lime juice ( ginger can also be used) and1/4 mug water.

All the constituents are combined and warmed over medium-high heat, stirring frequently. The honey is reduced for about 15 twinkles until the paste turned a rich amber color. The saucepan should be lifted off the heat at regular intervals, so that the bubbles will calm down and one can keep a check on the color of the paste. It’s important to heat the admixture long enough. Else it creates problems when it’s used.

How to Use-Once the paste is fully cooled, the sugaring paste can be applied directly on the hair by spreading it in a thin subcaste and also it’s pulled off. The paste can be either removed with a muslin strip or with fritters.

Quantum of Paste-If the hairs are removed from the legs or another large area like back or casket, a large quantum of paste is needed. It’s judicious to use the half of the admixture at a time, and the alternate half can bere-cooled while using the other half. For areas like eyebrows, facial hair and bikini line small quantum of paste is applied. The sugaring paste adheres stylish to hair that’s at least1/4 inch long.

Tips and Suggestions for using Sugaring-

Before the use of Sugaring, the hair must be clean and dry.

All creams and canvases should be removed before the use of sugaring.

The sugaring paste is applied in the hair growth direction.

At the time of pressing the cotton strip on top of the paste, a small section at the end is left freely. It makes the pulling.

Still, the edge should be used rather of the flat side, If a spatula is used. This ensures a veritably thin subcaste is applied.

Pull the strip back sprucely against the direction of the hair growth. Don’t lift the strip up or out down from the skin.

The skin should be held forcefully with one hand while pulling the strip back sprucely with another hand.

The paste should be just warm using either fryer or roaster. It shouldn’t be hot, as it may burn the skin.

Still, the water should be allowed into the paste because the paste is water-answerable and it’s will spoiled if the water gets in, If hot water is used for warming the paste vessel.

Sugaring Advantages-Sugaring is natural, so there’s no chemical. It doesn’t stick to the skin like the wax. It doesn’t beget important pain. The results are long.