Meat Dehydrator

In my many travels to northern Kenya, I have come across numerous coping strategies the locals have devised to concur and tame the cruel Kenyan north. But I suppose the most captivating I have witnessed but is their food protection strategies. Here, generation inclusive of cold chains, is not part of a standard kitchen in a majority of households (rapid electrification and the tarmacking of the Isiolo-Moyale street may also quickly exchange this).

Dried meat (otkac or nyirnyir) is generally prepared from camel meat (hilib gel). Strips are reduce and left inside the solar to dry and later reduce into small portions which might be fried (usually in oil with garlic and iliki) till they’re dry. The dry-fried meat is then immersed in camel ghee (subag) where the fatty mixture condenses and may be stored for at the least 2-3 months without getting spoilt in baggage produced from camel pores and skin and hoofs.

One camel slaughtered and preserved this way can be eaten for up to 6 months. For use, its scooped in potions and melted to be served as stew with pounded maize meal, rice, beans(while to be had) or, just eaten on its own as a whole meal. During breakfast, nyirnyir is served handiest to guys

But interestingly this approach of meat upkeep is not just a maintain of the pastoralists of northern Kenya. Among the Luo of Kenya, such dried meat, known as aliya, is made into Where to buy bulk dried meat a stew this is eaten with Ugali. The Sudanese additionally have comparable meat they call shermout. But the Sudanese are even extra progressive.

The layer of fat round a slaughtered animal’s stomach (miriss) is likewise dried. Internal organs also are sun-dried, pounded, combined with a few potash, and moulded right into a ball this is allowed to dry slowly to make twini-digla. The big gut may also be wiped clean and filled with fats and hung to dry as a kind of sausage

The upkeep of milk is similarly a novelty – wood guards are rubbed interior with smoked natural sticks numerous instances (at least five times). Then they’re left to dry with out being wiped clean washed. These herbs smeared within the guards act as meals preservatives mainly, for milk which then remains fit for consumption for long irrespective of the weather situations. I even have eaten nyirnyir on numerous events and its simply excellent. I am yet to accumulate sufficient energy to strive the preserved milk! I will preserve you posted after I get spherical to doing this!