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In brand new article, I’m going to fast inform you about the Cisco IOS Global configuration command named “get right of entry to-list dynamic-increase”.

Network directors (such as you) use the “get admission to-listing dynamic-enlarge” to allow absolutely the timer of the dynamic get entry to manipulate list (ACL) to be extended an extra six mins.

In different words, after quick extender pro you’ve got enabled the lock-and-key characteristic by using using the get admission to-permit command and try and create a Telnet session to the router to re-authenticate your self; you could use “get entry to-listing dynamic-extend” command to extend the absolute timer of the dynamic ACL by means of six mins.

Note: If you want to apply the command, make certain you enforce it earlier than the ACL expires.

Below is the command’s syntax:

get entry to-listing dynamic-enlarge

As you could see, the command is certainly clean to apply; it would not have any key phrases or arguments.

And, here’s an instance of the command being typed on a router.


Router#configure terminal

Router(config)#access-listing dynamic-amplify


Router#copy run begin

In the instance above, the router is being configured with the command. And, like with more often than not all Cisco IOS instructions, you can use the phrase “no” in front of the command to dispose of (disable) the configured command; like you see below:

Router(config)#no access-listing dynamic-extend

By the way, if you decide to use the command, make certain your router(s) is walking Cisco IOS 12.1(five)T or higher.

I wish this newsletter was very informative and helped you fast understand using the get admission to-list dynamic-expand command.

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