The History & Origin of Dates

In the distant arid wilderness grows a healthy fruit on date palms that nourishes absolutely everyone from the hardest athletes to the most sensitive babies. Whether you fancy Sukkari, Saggae, Ajwa or Medjool, the type of dates is as considerable and diverse as the sea. With over 500 types of dates, Sukkari is our most prized ownership while we seek wet, sweet and caramel-like flavour, whereas Ajwa is the go to for its medicinal recuperation. Saggae dates are a latest addition for people who choose a much less sweet date than the Sukkari date, and for those who love a fibrous, dense but moist date.

The starting place of dates is unknown because of historical cultivation however they may be believed to had been cultivated inside the Middle East vicinity from round 6000 B.C. Fossil statistics display that the date palm has existed for as a minimum 50 million years.

Since their discovery, dates have widely spread in many areas and have been spread by using Arabs to Spain, Italy, South West Asia and North Africa. Then they were similarly spread with the aid of Spaniards to Mexico and California.

The Date Palm

The date palm has separate male and woman flora. Only fifty percent of seedlings will be lady that are grown from seed but because they grow from seed their seedling plant life are often of decrease first-rate. Most industrial plantations use cuttings of heavily cropping cultivars. Medjool is the primary cultivar that produces specifically excessive yields of huge, sweet speed dating 香港 fruit. Plants grown from cuttings will fruit 2 to 3 years in advance than seedling vegetation.

The date palm effective life is limited to the years whilst the tree is smaller and the fruit is less difficult to harvest. Although the date palm is able to dwelling as much as 100 years or extra and can reach top among 15-30 metres. Their crown of inexperienced leaves develop between 3 to 6 metres in period.

The Date Pollination Method

In a herbal placing, dates are pollinated with the aid of wind. However, inside the commercial orchards they’re pollinated manually. Natural pollination happens with approximately an identical variety of male and lady flora. On the other hand, one male can pollinate as much as a hundred females. The male date palm is valued as a pollinator, this permits the farmers to apply their assets for lots greater fruit producing woman plants. Some farmers do now not even keep any male flowers as male plant life come to be available at local markets at pollination time. Manual pollination is performed by way of professional labourers the use of ladders, or in some areas together with Iraq or Saudi Arabia they climb the tree the use of a special hiking device that wraps around the tree trunk and the farmers again to keep him attached to the trunk whilst hiking. Less often, the pollen may be blown onto the lady plants with the aid of a wind system.

The Date Seed & How Dates Grow

Dates include a single seed approximately 2-2.Five cm long and 6-eight mm thick. The type of fruit depends on the glucose, fructose and sucrose content material. The seed of Sukkari is a great deal large than the seed of Saggae or Ajwa.

Dates grow in large clusters that develop underneath the leaves and can weigh as tons as 40 kilos. Large timber will yield greater than a 1,000 dates each year, although they do now not all ripen at the identical time so numerous harvests are required. In order to get fruit of marketable best, the bunches of dates must be thinned and bagged or included earlier than ripening in order that the final end result grow larger and are blanketed from weather and pests inclusive of birds.

The Stages of Date Ripening

Dates, as well as having distinct colorations, tastes and textures in the course of their ripening tiers, in addition they have specific names in Arabic for every level.

Stages Weeks English Arabic Description

First Stage 1 week – Hababook – The dates are small spherical and mild inexperienced with horizontal stripes.

Second Stage 5-17 weeks – Green Date Kimri – The dates come to be oval, greener and are sour.

Third Stage 19-25 weeks – Red/Yellow Date Khalal – The subsequent degree is the early ripening stage wherein the dates are yellow or purple, have grown to their complete length and flavor crunchy but dry with a mild sweet taste.

This is in which you would get a barhi date with a crunchy outer shell.

Fourth Stage 20-28 weeks – Wet Date Rutub – This stage the date is ripe, tender and moist. At this stage you’re playing the pleasant sukkari dates.

Final Stage 29 weeks – Dried Date Tamar – Final level of ripening. At this stage you may discover the saggae, ajwa and medjool date.

The ultimate 3 levels of ripening are when the dates are picked, fumigated, wiped clean, separated, packaged and then offered to the customer. Barhi dates are the yellow clusters that are frequently located in grocery shops which are crispy and a bit astringent because they are in the Khalal stage. Once the crispy yellow flesh starts to melt, it sweetens and will become a Rutub like our well-known Sukkari Dates. Rutub require refrigeration to prolong this level, before they transform to their final stage of a dried date. Saggae, although it is a dried date, could be very gentle and wet in contrast to other dried dates.