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Born in March 1951, Tommy hilfiger is a fashion designer. He was born in the Elmira, New York region of the United States of America from an unqualified Irish family. He was the second eldest of Tommy Hilfiger’s eight sisters and sisters. He was always quite interested in fashion, even as a small child. When Tommy was eighteen years old, he started working at a business called People’s Place. The People’s Place retail store was a part of a ten-store network operated by the same company and was situated in Tommy’s hometown of Elmira, New York. The business finally filed for bankruptcy.

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When the store closed, Tommy lost his job and made the decision to move to New York City. While residing in New York City, Tommy Hilfiger made the decision to launch his own clothing company. This fashion trend received a lot of media coverage and swiftly rose to fame. Thanks to a plethora of hip-hop groups and artists that adored and wore the designs, the Tommy Hilfiger brand took off like a rocket. The fashion for donning the pattern in an overly huge scale was started by these groups and rappers.

Following the fashion for wearing clothing in sizes that were too big, Tommy decided to create bigger clothing with more daring patterns. Around this time, Tommy also started a tradition in the hip-hop business by giving his designs to some of his favourite musicians. Over the years, Tommy hilfiger has created many different things, including spices, ties, and jeans, to name a few.