What Is SEO Hosting and Multiple C Class Hosting?

Lately, search engine marketing hosting has been getting a lot of buzz. I have read a few articles about it, and that they fail to tell you exactly what it’s far, the blessings and the downfall it has to your websites. Moreover, I am going to go into remarkable detail approximately it, while it have to be used, and how it ought to be used, if it in any respect.

What is search engine marketing Hosting?

SEO hosting lets in you to unfold your domain names throughout a couple of c class IPs, making them appearance particular and separated. Search engine marketing web hosting makes it all possible to control those IPs below one manage panel. It would be a time ingesting nightmare to ought to login manually to each IP.

If you are not certain what an IP c magnificence is, well, each IP has 4 instructions. Listed under is your normal numerical IP format, and underneath can be how it’s miles specified in alphabet training:



The instance above indicates that, “111″ represents the IP “A” magnificence, “222″ represents the IP “B” elegance, “333″ represents the IP “C” magnificence, and “444″ represents the IP “D” elegance.

Now, in case you were to apply seo website hosting to host your internet websites, this is how it’s going to appearance over exceptional c elegance IPs.

111.222.333.444 (website #1)
111.222.334.444 (website #2)
111.222.335.444 (internet site #3)
111.222.336.444 (website #4)
111.222.337.444 (website #five)

Do you notice the distinction? In my opinion, even though you are web hosting on one-of-a-kind c elegance of IPs, it’s miles a lifeless giveaway, while they’re in numerical order, like in the instance above. For this to be as specific as feasible and not to be a lifeless giveaway, the c magnificence IPs must be combined up, now not in numerical order like above.

You might also have no preference, in how the c magnificence IPs are brought. There are a limited quantity of search engine optimization web hosting companies, and may not offer that, however it by no means hurts to ask. Moreover, there are a few that offer distinctive c class seo web hosting, and in more than one geographical areas, however they’re very costly.

Traditional website hosting may offer you extra IPs at a price, however more than probable they may be on the same “D” class, making them on the equal network and close in range. Below is an example of your websites spread out over specific d class IPs.

111.222.333.444 (internet site #1)
111.222.333.445 (internet site #2)
111.222.333.446 (website #three)
111.222.333.447 (internet site #four)
111.222.333.448 (internet site #five)

Purpose of Multiple C Class Hosting

The motive of search engine optimization web hosting, is to get a bonus over your competition through boosting your search engine scores and hyperlink value.

People that commonly use seo hosting, are webmasters which have a large network of websites, with the reason of crosslinking to boost their rankings. If you operate conventional hosting semrush group buy strategies, and crosslinking inside the same network, this can get you banned from the serps rapid. In order to escape with it, you have to have every web web page seem that they’re precise and are on a different c magnificence IP.

The extra specific your web web site appears to be to the serps, the greater price your hyperlinks will have. Search engines are very choosy about the value of links, and if they may be at the same network, they’re genuinely don’t have any value at all. Like I stated earlier than, the greater unique your web website online appears to be, the more cost your hyperlinks can have.

Before you purchase a search engine optimization website hosting plan, there are a variety of different factors to account for and keep away from, or this complete scenario is vain.


Another extremely crucial component in seo website hosting that is hardly ever stated, are nameservers. Search engines use the whois records, and that they collect more than just who owns the website, however wherein it’s far hosted, the IP, of course, and the nameservers.

If you aren’t positive about what nameservers are, let me give an explanation for briefly. Each server is assigned to an IP address. Then, that IP is assigned to a unique set of nameservers or “ns”. In order for your web site to expose up, you may must set your nameservers to point to those precise nameservers. I wish you apprehend, I did not want to get into it an excessive amount of.

Getting lower back to the importance of nameservers, even if you have a couple of c elegance IPs, however they’re the use of the identical namerservers, that isn’t always seo website hosting. There are a few search engine optimization hosting providers that “declare” it’s far search engine optimization web hosting, due to the fact it’s far on a couple of c elegance IPs, but it’s not. The issue is, if the nameservers aren’t particular for each IP, then, it truly is not seo website hosting. That is conventional hosting, plain and simple.

Having the equal set of nameservers on your c class IPs, is letting the search engines like google and yahoo recognize that every one your web sites are hosted at the equal community. Therefore, inside the search engines like google eyes, the servers are the equal and not precise. That one small crucial element will defeat the reason of search engine optimization web hosting and your seo efforts.