Your flights to Alicante and what to expect at the airport

Alicante airport is one of those international airports that are growing rather than declining. It is a very modern facility with many amenities and services for you to take advantage of. So you might think why you would stay at this airport unless you were waiting for your flight to Alicante. After spending three hours on a plane to get from the UK to the Costa Blanca I always like to stretch my legs at the airport before continuing my journey to my final destination. It is important to have something to do at the airport, a place to eat something, buy a couple of newspapers or just chat with some of the people who are coming from Europe. You have arrived at the airport, now what?
Most European flights do not take that long to get to Alicante. For example, if you are flying from Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland, the flight time is normally around three hours. This type of trip is usually uneventful. If you have any problems during the flight, they can usually be dealt with by multilingual staff. And this will be the same when you land at the airport. If you don’t speak Spanish, you will always find someone who can speak English. Therefore, if you have lost your luggage or if your luggage has been damaged, there is a lost taxi airport zaventem and found counter at the airport where you can solve this particular problem.
Your entry and exit

El Altet is not a very large airport and check-in counters can be found in one place. There are several local and national airlines that carry passengers at Alicante airport. Because there are a limited number of check-in counters, passengers are always asked to check in early, especially during the peak summer season.
If you are driven to the airport by a relative or friend, there is a pick-up or drop-off point just outside the arrivals area. You are allowed to stay here for about 10 minutes, so you don’t have to pay for parking. Do not leave your car unattended in this area because you risk being towed or clamped.
Pick up and parking of passengers

However, if you will be picked up on arrival, your driver may not need to go to the regular parking lot. In the arrivals area, there is a perfect meeting point, located just after leaving the arrivals area of ​​the airport. For longer waiting periods, there is ample parking at the airport. Parking tickets can be classified as short or long term.
Subsequent transport

Once you land at the airport, transportation to your final destination will not be a problem. The different means of transport that are available to you are the airport taxi, the airport bus and, of course, the car rental in Alicante. Cars can be arranged before arriving at the airport by searching the internet and there are several car rental companies you can choose from. The bus that will take you to the city of Alicante is at stop number 30. The price of the bus is quite cheap, around three euros. Obviously, the airport taxi will take you to any destination you need and the price depends on the duration of the trip, the number of passengers and the amount of luggage.